9 Best Type of Bike Locks in 2022

This post is about The Best Type of Bike Locks of 2022. We have worked very hard in collecting the best products for you & reviewing these for you.

Biking is cheap, it is a great way to burn off muscle fat, as well as reduce any extra bloating, and it works up your muscles and keeps you living longer. But with so many brands currently in the market, what do we do? And since there are so many options which ones are the best, these may be questions that could be lingering in your mind day and night.

Another issue maybe when you do end up owning a bike, what if someone ends up stealing it? Then what? But don’t you worry, as we have the best solution for you. Without wasting your precious time let us show you the list of the Best Type of Bike Locks of 2022.

Reviews of 9 Best Type of Bike Locks

This article is filled with products that we have saved you the hassle of researching yourself and instead collected the top picks from amazon, some of which are even best sellers.

These bike locks are sure to keep any thief away from your bike, and these are also the best top picks that we have garnered for you so that you can make the best final decision in choosing the best type of bike lock. So without further ado, let’s get started on the article filled with the best bike locks that deliver the promise to give you the best protection that a lock can provide.

Via Velo Heavy Duty Bicycle U-Lock With Cable (Best Type of Bike Locks)

Via Velo Bike Lock Heavy Duty Bicycle U-Lock (Best Type of Bike Locks)

Key features and details

  • Hexagonal PVC can withstand any weather
  • Rubber casing is on the metal
  • 2 keys come in the package with a lock
  • The bracket is easy to install
  • The warranty comes with the bike lock


  • Made of extremely tough metal
  • Incredibly tough to pick the lock
  • Easy to set up
  • The lock is easy to configure
  • It Will lasts a long time


Another bike lock is the bike U lock with cable, combined with the hexagonal PVC that is made in such a way that it can easily withstand any weather conditions. As well as the rubber casing that is present on the cable will last for years on end.

The 2 keys that come with the bike lock are perfect for added security. The bracket is easy to mount therefore you can get the security you have always been dreaming of, and be reassured that no thief will have the capacity to get into your bike.

Just because of the warranty we highly suggest the bike lock.

Master Lock 8143D Bike Lock Cable with Combination (Best Type of Bike Locks)

Key features and details

  • Adapted with a combination lock
  • Braided steel allows for more security
  • It will provide basic security features
  • Resistant to corrosion
  • The length of the bike lock is 4 feet
  • Perfect for outdoor use


  • Economic bike lock
  • Promotes safe biking
  • Endurance is best
  • Easy to keep safe
  • Lasts a long time


Let’s continue with the Master lock 814D, this bike lock also comes equipped with a combination lock that is best used with the security features that it provides you, it allows for a more emphasized security system especially when combined with the braided steel that also gives an aesthetic look.

The length of the lock is 4 feet so it can extend to longer lengths, and the bike lock can also come in handy for outdoor usage. All in all, a good product and well recommended.

Kryptonite Evolution 11-14mm U-Lock with FlexFrame-U Bracket

Kryptonite Evolution 11-14mm U-Lock with FlexFrame-U Bracket

Key features and details

  • The shackle is made of hardened steel
  • Shackle prevents any further theft
  • The key safe program ensures safety
  • The first 2 keys shipped are free
  • Anti-theft protection system included
  • Warranty forever for replacements


  • Easy to maintain overtime longer
  • Perfect for the user for teenagers and adults alike
  • Amazon highly reviewed for ensuring perfection
  • The lock is secure and will last long
  • No need to worry about bike stealing


Let’s take a further look into the kryptonite lock, which comes with some of the best features for perfect safety.

The shackle which omes included gets made of hardened steel so that it can prevent any further theft from occurring. Another feature is that the key safe program allows you the first 2 keys which the company gives you for free, which is perfect for use.

Lasting warranty allows for unending replacements, all in all, a good bike lock that we suggest you check out.

Etronic Bike Lock M6 (Best Type of Bike Locks)

Key features and details

  • Best assisted for security from thieves
  • Doesn’t require a key
  • Has a four numbered lock system which handy
  • The coil of the bike lock retracts
  • Nonabrasive material allows for smoothness
  • 6ft long cable is perfect for safety


  • Numbers can be seen with extreme ease
  • The dial lock system is way more efficient
  • Lock feels secure and unbridgeable
  • The coating on the cable is soft to touch
  • High quality


We will instantly hit it off with the first bike lock on the list which is the electronic bike lock M6 which is a major brand and has high star reviews from customers all around the world.

The first feature is that the bike can easily come in handy for its main purpose which is to stop it from possibly getting stolen by any person. Another great feature is that the lock that comes assisted with the bike lock is not a keyed lock which can become highly inconvenient, whereas this bike lock is instead fitted with a four-digit lock that is way more efficient.

Another feature that the bike lock boasts is that it can retract when it is stretched, so if anyone tries to yank the bike away, they won’t have the ability to do so. The coating on the lock allows for a smooth outlook that is aesthetically pleasing as well as safer on your arms, we highly recommend this bike lock that you purchase.

Titanker Bike Lock (Best Type of Bike Locks)

Titanker Bike Lock

Key features and details

  • The bike lock is 4 feet long
  • The bike lock is multipurpose other than bike
  • It comes in more than just one color
  • The lock comes with a 4 digit lock
  • The lock can easily be reset to original
  • Made from durable materials


  • Lightweight so doesn’t cause extra hassle
  • Won’t take up much space in your storage
  • The combination is easy to set up
  • Profoundly surveyed by clients around the world
  • Made from highly resistant materials


Another great product is the Titanker bike lock, and we will review it for you now as it boasts some serious features that are sure to keep you safe.

First, the bike is actually 4 feet long as well as paired with a 4 digit lock that is more useful than a regular lock. Another feature is that the bike lock isn’t only made for bikes, rather it can come in handy for keeping even something as small as slippers safe.

Another great feature is that the bike lock comes in cooler colors such as orange and green which can spice up the look of your bike. You can easily also reset the lock if you forget the password with a security feature. Overall this bike lock is highly valued.

OTTOLOCK Sidekick Compact U-Lock (Best Type of Bike Locks)

Best Type of Bike Locks

Key features and details

  • Lightweight, so it isn’t a hassle
  • Small in size so doesn’t take up space
  • 2 keys come included in the package
  • You can attach other locks to it too
  • It is extremely easy to get used to
  • Extra high-security system


  • Orange color stands out more
  • Smaller as compared to other bike locks
  • Lightweight as compared to other locks
  • It can attach from any side
  • Perfect for enthusiast bikers


So let’s continue with the next bike which is the same product by Ottolock but amped up and even better than before, so let’s continue with the review.

The first feature is that the lock is extremely lightweight meaning that it won’t be a hassle. Another great feature is that the lock is small in size and won’t take up much space in your storage container or cupboard. You can also attach other locks to this one lock for extra security.

The bike lock also comes assisted with 2 different keys so that you can get the extra added security that you were promised. All in all, combined with the high-security alert this product, the Ottolock, is a must-have.

Titanker Bike Chain Lock

Titanker Bike Chain Lock

Key features and details

  • The bike lock is highly portable
  • It will provide the security
  • The chain links are 6mm thicker than last
  • The chain links provide a more durable grip
  • Snapping together lock mechanism


  • Perfect for beginners
  • Essential for outdoor use
  • Provides extra security
  • Resistant to rust
  • Used in cycling events


Another great bike lock is the Titanker bike chain lock, which comes equipped with the lock which is portable due to its small size, as well as the chain links which are thicker than the last model so are more perfect for durability as they won’t fray and won’t snap in half like usual locks.

Another great feature of this bike lock is that the keys aren’t necessarily needed to link together the lock, rather you can easily snap it together, and you’re good. You can also travel with eh bike lock on as you can just twist it to the other side.

Do check out the Titanker bike chain lock as it is a worthy product to work on.

SIGTUNA Bike Locks – 16mm Heavy Duty U Lock

SIGTUNA Bike Locks - 16mm Heavy Duty U Lock

Key features and details

  • It is made of 16mm thick steel
  • Extra durability is promised with this purchase
  • The bike lock mounting is easy
  • Comes with a protective coating
  • Won’t rust your bike
  • Made with laser-cut Abloy keys


  • The mounting system is easy
  • Lock features are easy to use
  • Better for use in mountains
  • The extra weight provides more security


The SIGTUNA bike lock is featured now, with its outstanding capability for durability with the 16mm thick steel ensures perfect security and durability. Combined with the bike lock that is incredibly easy to mount on your bike for extra security.

The next feature is that the bike comes with a layer coating that prevents your bike from getting rusted. The laser-cut Abloy keys are essential to lock your bike in place and prevent any thieves from taking it away. We recommend that you go to the link and see the reviews for yourself.

Kryptonite New York Lock Fahgettaboutit Mini 18mm U-Lock Bicycle Lock

Key features and details

  • It resists bolt cutters and sharp objects
  • The shackle is 18mm thick
  • Interior locking is thick
  • Warranty assurance for a long time
  • Perfect for beginners in new york


  • Promises peace of mind
  • It fits perfectly around the bike
  • It will last a long time
  • Ensures safety for a lifetime
  • The chain links are made perfectly


The final product on our list is the kryptonite new york which ensures perfect safety overall especially in new york where it is infamous that your bike will get stolen no matter what.

The first feature is that the bike lock comes equipped with a shackle that is more than 17mm thick to ensure a perfect fit so that the thickness can also ensure that it will resist any type of bolt cutters or overall thieves.

For anyone living in New York, this is perfect for any extra needed protection. 

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

How much money should I spend on the lock?

It all depends on your price range, but sturdier locks typically end up costing a bit more than usual.

Where to put a lock when riding the bike?

The best place to store your bike lock is either in your backpack or buy a separate mount on which you can easily just stick the bike lock on and forget about it.

Will my bike lock protect me from theft of my bike?

While yes we have recommended some of the best bike locks, we can’t take the blame for anything that might occur under natural circumstances.

What is a bike lock used for?

Bike locks come in extra handy for the main purpose of protecting your bike against theft in a city that is always bustling and requires extra protection.


That’s all ladies and gentlemen, with this we end our article, we hope that we helped you select the best bike lock that could easily protect your bike from extra theft. As we know it can get tedious trying to carry a bike and also have to keep in mind that any day someone could come over and steal it.

That’s why now that we provided you with some of the best bike locks in the market of New York, we hope that we helped you in your final decision. Rock on!

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